SB2 TubBuddy SB2 Price List and Order Form
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SB2 TubBuddy (SB2)

The SB2 bathing transfer system is designed to allow a patient to safely transfer over a bath tub without committing to any costly construction. This model is also capable of rolling over standard/elongated toilets to be used as a commode. The TubBuddy SB2 eliminates unnecessary transfers between toileting and bathing making it safe and comfortable for both patient and caregiver.
Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
SB2 SB2 TubBuddy $3695.00
LB Lap belt STD
CHB Chest belt STD
30 Cushion STD
32 Commode bucket with lid STD
52 Footplate, fold-up, rolling base, SB2 STD
66 Footplate, tub base, SB2 STD
33, 34 Armrests, L&R, Swing-back, removable STD
1 Casters, 5” locking STD
60 Bridge, SB2/T (11.8”) STD
Tub base STD


Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
P1-R New ShowerBuddy Pediatric Converter 1 $1195.00
LCB Labor Charge for Custom Bridge $300.00
SPH Straight Push Handles $75.00
SBLT-R Right Side Lateral W/ Pad $395.00
SBLT-L Left Side Lateral W/ Pad $395.00
BPB-C BodyPoint Chest Belt with Quick Release $165.00
BPB-L BodyPoint Lap Belt with Quick Release $165.00
NRA Neckrest Assembly $265.00
Includes: Neckrest, Neckrest height adjustment tube, Neckrest attachment, Neckrest sleeve, Neck rest handles
Large Headrest
71A Neckrest Height Adjustment Tube (Flat Edge) $45.00
72A Neckrest Attachment (New Mould) $115.00
73A Neckrest Sleeve $12.00
SB-HL-100-US Headrest, Ultra Soft, Large, Adjustable $165.00
SB-WST-R Headrest 6”x1/2” Mounting tube w/ attach ring $80.00
SB-WST-TA Headrest 6” D tube adaptor $15.00
PSA Pediatric Seat Adaptor $995.00
(Includes: PSABR Brackets, set of 4)
P2-R New ShowerBuddy Pediatric Converter 2 $1295.00
Lateral assembly kit
TBR Tensioned Back Rest Adjustable $85.00
(Required when ordering Laterals and/or Bodypoint belts)
SBLAL SB Leg Adductors With Pads (Each) $318.00
SBSC-2 Star Cushion $695.00
SCO Seat Cushion Overlay $155.00
SCP1-500-166 Seat Cushion Pediatric 1 (Cushion) SCP1 $195.00
(Standard with P1 Pediatric converter)
SCP2-500-167 Seat Cushion Pediatric 2 $195.00
(Standard with P2 Pediatric converter)
SB-ACD-100 Channel Armrest - Each $125.00
AP2 Armrests, 15.1" inner arm-to-arm width, removable, pair $350.00
(Standard with P2 Pediatric converter)
AP1 Armrests, 12" inner arm-to-arm width, removable, pair $350.00
(Standard with P1 Pediatric converter)
TBE24 Tub Base Extension Pair $220.00
SBSBEK SB SwayBar Extension Kit $250.00

Total Amount (MSRP) : $0.00

All Showerbuddy products are NON-RETURNABLE. I understand that any incorrect shipping information including incorrect addresses or misidentified commercial location will result in accessorial charges from the freight company as well as a $50 Showerbuddy administrative fee.