SB1 ShowerBuddy SB1 Price List and Order Form
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SB1 ShowerBuddy (SB1)

The SB1 is designed to fit in small square showers that have a transition lip. This model slides backwards into the shower and disconnects from the track allowing it to swivel inside the shower. It comes standard with suction cups. Additional accessories are available for stabilization if suction cups will not stick.
Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
SB1 SB1 ShowerBuddy $3395.00
LB Lap Belt STD
CHB Chest Belt STD
30 Cushion STD
32 Commode bucket with lid STD
19 Footrest, seat section, SB1 STD
33 Armrests, L&R, Swing-back, removable STD
1 Castors, 5” locking STD
43 Bridge, SB1 STD
47 Shower track STD


Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
500-072-073 Commode Bucket + Lid and Elongated Rear Handle $55.00
P1-R New ShowerBuddy Pediatric Converter 1 $1195.00
LCB Labor Charge for Custom Bridge $300.00
SPH Straight Push Handles $75.00
SBLT-R Right Side Lateral W/ Pad $395.00
SBLT-L Left Side Lateral W/ Pad $395.00
BPB-C BodyPoint Chest Belt with Quick Release $165.00
BPB-L BodyPoint Lap Belt with Quick Release $165.00
NRA Neckrest Assembly $265.00
Includes: Neckrest, Neckrest height adjustment tube, Neckrest attachment, Neckrest sleeve, Neck rest handles
Large Headrest
71A Neckrest Height Adjustment Tube (Flat Edge) $45.00
72A Neckrest Attachment (New Mould) $115.00
73A Neckrest Sleeve $12.00
SB-HL-100-US Headrest, Ultra Soft, Large, Adjustable $165.00
SB-WST-R Headrest 6”x1/2” Mounting tube w/ attach ring $80.00
SB-WST-TA Headrest 6” D tube adaptor $15.00
PSA Pediatric Seat Adaptor $995.00
(Includes: PSABR Brackets, set of 4)
P2-R New ShowerBuddy Pediatric Converter 2 $1295.00
Lateral assembly kit
TBR Tensioned Back Rest Adjustable $85.00
(Required when ordering Laterals and/or Bodypoint belts)
SBLAL SB Leg Adductors With Pads (Each) $318.00
SBSC-2 Star Cushion $695.00
SCO Seat Cushion Overlay $155.00
SCP1-500-166 Seat Cushion Pediatric 1 (Cushion) SCP1 $195.00
(Standard with P1 Pediatric converter)
SCP2-500-167 Seat Cushion Pediatric 2 $195.00
(Standard with P2 Pediatric converter)
SB-ACD-100 Channel Armrest - Each $125.00
AP2 Armrests, 15.1" inner arm-to-arm width, removable, pair $350.00
(Standard with P2 Pediatric converter)
AP1 Armrests, 12" inner arm-to-arm width, removable, pair $350.00
(Standard with P1 Pediatric converter)
SBR SB1 Shower Base Risers $100.00

Total Amount (MSRP) : $0.00

All Showerbuddy products are NON-RETURNABLE. I understand that any incorrect shipping information including incorrect addresses or misidentified commercial location will result in accessorial charges from the freight company as well as a $50 Showerbuddy administrative fee.