Roll-in Buddy Lite SB6C Price List and Order Form
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Roll-in Buddy Lite (SB6C)

is a mobile shower/commode chair designed for accessible/roll-in showers. As the name suggests, it is a light chair that caregivers can easily maneuver from over-the- toilet/commode into a roll-in shower as shower chair. It employs a single transfer, a feature inherent to Showerbuddy chairs and transfer systems.
Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
SB6C Roll-in Buddy Lite $595.00
500-270 Safety restraint (Lap OR Chest belt) STD
500-020 Cushion STD
500-076 Commode bucket + lid STD
500-074 Deflector STD
500-043 Armrest, Left, flip-back, removable STD
500-045 Armrest, Right, flip-back, removable STD
500-254/267 Footrest, Right, fold-away, removable STD
500-253/266 Footrest, Left, fold-away, removable STD
500-256 Calf strap STD
500-265 Casters, 4” locking STD


Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
500-265 Caster 4", Locking, SB6 $80.00
500-020 Cushion, SB6 $175.00
PBR Padded Back Rest (each) $195.00
Bodypoint belts
BPB-C-L Bodypoint belt, Chest, Large $154.00
BPB-C-M Bodypoint belt, Chest, Medium $154.00
BPB-L-L Bodypoint belt, Lap, Large $154.00
BPB-L-M Bodypoint belt, Lap, Medium $154.00
SCCF Seat Cushion Closed Front $195.00
SCLO Seat Cushion Left Opening $195.00
SCRO Seat Cushion Right Opening $195.00
SCOC SCOC Seat cushion overlay, SB6 $195.00

Total Amount (MSRP) : $0.00

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