SB6C Roll-in Buddy Lite SB6C Price List and Order Form
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SB6C Roll-in Buddy Lite (SB6C)

The SB6c is a mobile shower/commode chair designed for an accessible/roll-in shower. This model chair is caregiver assisted, It comes with 4 heavy duty casters and has the ability to roll over most toilets. Comes standard with a front opening cushion, flip back armrest, mesh backrest, footrest, calf strap, commode bucket with cover and splash guard. Additional seat cushions, back rests and other accessories are also available at additional costs.
Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
SB6C SB6C Roll-in Buddy Lite $895.00
500-270 Safety restraint (Lap OR Chest belt) STD
500-020 Cushion STD
500-076 Commode bucket + lid STD
500-074 Deflector STD
500-043 Armrest, Left, flip-back, removable STD
500-045 Armrest, Right, flip-back, removable STD
500-254/267 Footrest, Right, fold-away, removable STD
500-253/266 Footrest, Left, fold-away, removable STD
500-256 Calf strap STD
500-265 Casters, 4” locking STD


Part # Item Description Qty MSRP
500-072-073 Commode Bucket + Lid and Elongated Rear Handle $55.00
SBLT-R Right Side Lateral W/ Pad $395.00
SBLT-L Left Side Lateral W/ Pad $395.00
PBR SB6 Padded Back Cushion $195.00
SCCF Seat Cushion Closed Front (SB6C & SB6W model) $195.00
SCLO Seat Cushion Left Opening $195.00
SCRO Seat Cushion Right Opening $195.00
SCOC Seat Cushion Overlay (SB6) $195.00
SBSC-1 SB6w Star Cushion $695.00
SCCF-2 Seat Cushion Closed Front (SB1 - SB3T model) $195.00

Total Amount (MSRP) : $0.00

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